A few of my favourite things – June 2017


Here are a few of my favourite things! This June I have fallen in love with a few fun items that I would like to share with you. The first being the cosmetic line “Pixi.” Have you heard of them? Probably πŸ˜‰ I only just recently came across this line while I was walking through shoppers drug mart and love it. I’ve only purchased two items so far but I’m very happy with both. The first is their Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Opal Glow. The palette offers 6 beautiful neutral shades of soft shades of pink, peach and browns. They also have some shine to them and who doesn’t like a little glitter ;). Another bonus is that the shadow lasts all day. I use a MAC primer first and then use which ever colour I feel for that day. I find that the primer really helps accentuate the colourΒ and helps it stay on beautifully. I also purchased their Shea Butter Lip Balm in Sweet Peach. This product is a must for those looking for a very moisturizing, neutral lipstick for day wear. The sweet peach goes on like a lipstick but feels like a lip balm. It leaves your lips feeling very hydrated and the colour lasts for a good little while. You don’t have to re-apply every 30 minutes to keep the colour. Overall, I am very happy with these products and I do plan on trying others. Please let me know if you have any favourite Pixi products. I’d love to try them out.

I also experienced a blast from the past this month. My high school love for gold hoop earrings has returned with a vengeance. Nothing makes me feel better than wearing my hair half up or in a pony tail with gold hoop earrings. I recently bought a nice pair from Aldo and have worn them on a couple of date nights already. I’ve also worn a funky pair that my in-laws bought me for my birthday, last year, while they were in Greece. They are too fun and super original. It has been nice to get out on a couple date nights recently and to be able to wear play jewelry. For the moms out there that are reading this, I am sure that you can relate. I can’t wear these earrings on the regular since the kids play and tug on them as though they are their personal pinata ;).

Another high school come back are my recent purchases from American Eagle Outfitters (AEO). I don’t know about you but I have been all over the boho chic style this summer and they offer amazing and affordable options. Their floral patterns are on point and I am a sucker for matching shorts and tops or skirts and tops. I kind of went nuts, after my birthday in May and spent most of my birthday dollars at AEO but I don’t regret it one bit. I haven’t worn all of the pieces yet since the weather hasn’t been nice enough, but I will make sure to post pics of them, when I do.

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Last, but not least, after years of ignoring my hairdresser’s request, I have finally purchased traceless hair-ties and LOVE them. If you haven’t tried these, you have to! They are amazing and totally work. Being biracial, my hair is curly and quite dry. I tend to wear my hair straight most of the time and find that it never grows. Like it literally never grows past my breasts. (If anyone has any suggestions for products that could possibly help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!). Due to my damaged hair and breakage, my hairdresser has been asking me to use a good old fashion scrunchy. Yep, like the scrunchies from the 80’s-90’s. They aren’t sexy but they protect your hair from breaking. I have yet to buy a scrunchy but I recently came across traceless hair ties and they have the same effect. I actually found them by accident. I went to the brookstreet hotel for a massage and saw them by their cash register when I was paying. They had the cutest display of multicoloured traceless hair ties. As soon as I saw them I was sold. They came in brown, clear, neon pink, bright blue etc. I ended up buying a pack of brown hair ties and have worn them every day since. I also picked up two more packs of pink ones from another location.

The cool thing is that they actually work. They don’t cause any kinks in your hair and don’t pull. Β Ladies, I highly recommend these traceless hair-ties. They not only protect your hair but they also look super cute.

Talk soon!

Ash xo