Back to work shopping!

The end of my maternity leave is fast approaching and I will be returning to work in August. I can’t believe that our baby girl is turning one next week. It’s been over four years since I  bought new work clothes, so I’ve decided to buy myself whatever it is that I need. I usually don’t go nuts on myself, when it comes to shopping, but after two pregnancies and maternity leaves, I deserve new clothes! Let the shopping games begin ;).

So far, I  found quite a few new tops from Banana Republic and Reitmans. I said it, Reitmans. I always thought it was a mom store…My shopping there confirms it ;).  They have good sales though once and a while super cute accessories. Check it out. Being a mom, I find that I don’t have much time for shopping so it is kind of nice when I stumble upon sales by accident since we all know that planning a shopping day or evening almost never happens. (Side note: one of the perks of going back to work will be a little bit more time for me whether it be shopping, coffee breaks or reading. Although I am not looking forward to leaving baby girl, I am looking forward to some me time).

Back to shopping.  I’m a sucker for a great deal! I happened to be out shopping for the kids last week when I came across a 50% off sale at Banana Republic. I ended up picking up 5 new tops for $156. Amazing! Here are a few of the tops that I bought.


As for Reitmans, I ended up buying three new tops, two undershirts, a dress, a cardigan and a skirt. I don’t love the tops and won’t wear them outside of work but they are cute and only cost $15 each so I couldn’t resist them. I don’t know about you but I get this kind of rush whenever I come across an awesome sale. I feel like the lady in the Ikea commercial. “Start the car!!!” Not only was each piece from Reitmans reduced, but they were an additional 60% off. Amazing!


After finding these gems, I still needed some new skirts. The ones I currently have look pathetic and have been worn one too many times. I spent hours shopping and several evenings at the outlets and at the mall but couldn’t find anything that I liked or that fit me properly until I tried RW&Co. I hadn’t shopped there in years. Turns out I hit the jackpot. At this point I was ready to spend anything one new skirts since I was getting desperate. Good news is that I found four amazing skirts and a cute black wide strapped tank top. Each skirt is quite different from the other and fits comfortably. Another bonus was that two of them were 70% off and the other two were buy two get each for $45. Not bad eh! All four skirts and the top cost me $160 and I saved over $150.

I also managed to finally find a couple cardigans from H&M. They aren’t anything special but they’ll keep me warm in the air-conditioned office. I picked one up in black and another in light grey. Both cost less than $40.

Of course, there are a few other things I’d like to pick up before heading back 😉 like a big city bag, cute jackets (the list goes on ;)) but they aren’t needs so I will pick them up slowly as I transition back into work and my new life routine. I’m happy with the purchases that I have made so far and excited to wear them and get out of my “active wear” clothes! You know what I am talking about mamas ;).

What’s your favourite spot to shop for work clothes?

Talk soon,

Ash xo