Saturday morning market strolls

One of the best things about summer are the local farmer’s markets and being able to buy fresh and local foods. Nothing beats a Saturday morning visit to one of the many farmers market with the kids. This has become our favourite way to kick start the weekend. Now that our son is three and a half he knows that this means CROISSANTS from Art-is-in. I swear they make the best baked goods and I will seriously miss them this winter.

IMG_20170611_075226 (1)

Each week we like to pick up different fruits and vegetables from different vendors. This week, strawberries made their appearance and we were all over them. No, literally I couldn’t keep our son’s fingers off of them. We could smell the berries from a mile away. They smelt delicious. So sweet. Our son couldn’t resist them and even before we agreed to buy some the little guy was snatching them and eating them as if the farmer’s stand was his own personal fruit buffet. Our son was literally moaning they were so tasty lol I couldn’t believe it. Of course, we now had to buy from these farmers but we are happy that we did. We bought $10 worth of strawberries, two zucchinis and a bunch of multi-coloured tomatoes. All of which were delicious!


The next stop was the Art-Is-In stand. For once, there wasn’t a lineup. When they first started selling their baked goods at the market you had to line up first thing in the morning or else they would sell out ASAP. By first thing I mean 8am. When the market first started, we didn’t have any kids and found it difficult to make it on time but now that we have two little ones, under four, we make it no problem ;). This year, they seem to be better prepared for their high demand. They always have a lovely selection of croissants, breads, and cookies. Honestly, I find it very difficult to choose just a few things. This week we decided to stick with only croissants. We bought one almandine, one almandine and chocolate, one butter croissant and one chocolate croissant. They were delicious and gone within 24hrs. If you haven’t bought any of their baked goods, you should definitely try them. You won’t regret it.

For those who have yet to visit their local farmer’s market, I highly recommend that you do. Even if you don’t buy anything, it is fun to just walk around and see what is for sale.

If you have a favourite farmer’s market in Ottawa and/or favourite vendor, please do let me know as we would love to go visit it.

Ciao for now,

Ash xo


One thought on “Saturday morning market strolls

  1. I love markets too. I used to live near the Bytown market and had my Saturday morning market ritual. Which market are you describing here?


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